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Greetings fellow samurai of Rokugan!

It is time for another Imperial Census!  The purpose of this survey is to gauge the current interests and opinions of players of the Legend of the Five Rings LCG, RPG, and other related things.  The survey is broken up into a few parts, some general information about the player, some more general questions about the LCG, Story, and RPG, and some detailed questions about particular mechanics and aspects of the LCG and RPG.  However, the survey assumes at least some vague knowledge and interest in L5R.

One request, if you know of someplace to share the survey to get more possible eyes on it, please do so!  Especially to smaller groups, like local Facebook groups and the like.  The more people who take the survey the better!  If you know of someone who plays the game but pays no attention to the news, send it to them!  We want to know how all of the players feel about the game, not just those of us who send a lot of time online discussing it.

The survey will be open for approximately one month, starting Today Jan 5, 2020, and closing sometime during the morning of Feb 10, 2020.  


The administrators of this survey have absolutely no association with Fantasy Flight Games, and this survey is being administered out of curiosity and love for the Legend of the Five Rings IP.  The administrators of this survey are not receiving any compensation for this survey.

Questions and concerns can be sent to l5r.imperial.census@gmail.com.  Additionally, if you wish for the raw survey results once they become available, send a request with the Subject "Survey Results Request" to the same email address

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