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Need help please

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So I've flown the arcs and I like them but I'm having a hard time finding a wing man for them. I've tried x wings didnt like them. Hera in the ghost worked well but when she dies it's a nice chunk of points. This is my current idea. Thoughts or suggestions? I have everything in the conversion kit.

ARC-170 Starfighter - •Norra Wexley - 63
    •Norra Wexley - Gold Nine (55)
        R5 Astromech (4)
        Veteran Tail Gunner (4)

ARC-170 Starfighter - •Garven Dreis - 57
    •Garven Dreis - Red Leader (49)
        R5 Astromech (4)
        Veteran Tail Gunner (4)

E-wing - •Gavin Darklighter - 79
    •Gavin Darklighter - Bold Wingman (61)
        Marksmanship (1)
        Proton Torpedoes (13)
        R5 Astromech 


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UpFirstly, Imma just be straight up - I think Veteran Tail Gunner is totally not worth it

My favorite Norra, and I have flown her a few times, has Expert Handling and Magva Yarro. Just...super punishing to shoot, and she gets some action economy even when stressed

Ideally, you will now want some other ships about whom your opponent will also say "man, I don't want to shoot THAT one!"

I would suggest Luke, and then Saw with Leia and AdSen!

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