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toxic newb

Funny Keyforge stories and incidents

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So ten minutes ago, I had a game where Tribune Pompitus (reads: each friendly creature gains +2 powet for each aember on it,   BEFORE FIGHT: you may exalt Tribune Pompitus) got 11 aember on it for a total of 26 power all in all. This had Imperial Scutum as an upgrade and two The Golden Spirals so this was OP. This prompted me to start this page to hear everyone else's funny stories.

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We were tied 2 keys each in a chain-bound tournament when my opponent got to pull off their OHKO combo. I sat there and watched him work through the entire process - he wanted to make sure he was doing it correctly and honest which I appreciated. It took what felt like 10 minutes. He ended his turn and called check with the biggest smile on his face. I had no aember.

I picked up my archive, called Sanctum, played seven creatures and activated the omni-action on a previously played Epic Quest for the win.  The look on his face...

People used to pay ridiculous amounts of money for those decks. That's the real humor of this story.

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I've got a double epic quest deck I like to play when I want a challenge. 

Anyway, one of the most epic turnaround I pulled was I had 2 creatures in play and one of those was a Titan Mechanic. My opponent had a substantial board, like close to a dozen creatures. He was set to reap for a check next turn and I had no real way to slow him down after that. IIRC, he may have even had 5 aember and so would forge thanks to my own Mechanic. Here was the solution:

Pick Mars house.

  • Reap with V. Thinkdrone, and put the Titan Mechanic into my archives.
  • Activate my own Mothergun and target my own Thinkdrone. Reveal 3 Mars cards from hand which kills it.
  • 2 of those 3 cards revealed? Carpet Phloxem. I no longer have any creatures in play so his entire board is nuked.

Can't remember the 3rd card, I think it was largely useless. At any rate, the plays put me in check and with his entire board gone, my opponent had no way to stop my forging the next turn.

It was the only win this deck had that day.



Oh and on the night we were playing a World's Collide sealed tournament? I had an opponent play a Senator Shrix or Senator Bracchus and just dumped a ton of aember onto his creatures, it was massive. I think maybe even played a tribute to capture 4 from me. Had a Ludo or the Imperial shield thing on one of his to dump it all into the supply if need be.

My next turn I choose "Dis" and played Hysteria.

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The entirety of the 2-deck sealed AoA survival side event at the Vault Tour in Nürnberg last year. Everyone was super-tired from a day of travel and gaming and the decks were very AoA-typical with lots of reap-hate and very little Æmber-generation. Games went long and frustrating, but somehow most people just started laughing about it and we had a great time sharing our misery.

Close second was going 4-0 in the sealed team event of that same vault tour. Team is such a great format, I rooting for the next German VT to be sealed team.

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Got a story from last night.

Recently got this deck and was testing it out.


Not only did I get mega narp out, BUT I played Narp's brew on him.

Then next turn I attached explo-rover to him.

Turn after that, the other brew in the deck, along with Fyre-breath.

At the end of that turn, there was nobody standing on my opponent's side of the table.

My buddy and I joked that a drunk-driving Narp just ran over his entire battle line.

(then a sic symper tyrannus caused the car to crash into a tree)

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