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“Official” replacement for villager tokens

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Need a replacement for the villager tokens, in particular guards? Look no further than the Runewars Daqan expansions, spearmen and heavy crossbowmen.

They are on a slightly larger scale than most descent minis, but from a tabletop distance it is acceptable. And Runewars is currently cheap.

Plus, they’re about as official as we’re going to get.

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Yeah, the cores $30 on amazon (and it had dropped down to $23 for a bit there). That's for 48 minis so it comes out to under $0.63 a mini. It doesn't just have a set of uniform guard mini's. There's a bunch of undead in there that I use for all sorts of games as well as a reanimate for the necromancer. It gets you out of buying the Ardus Ix'Erebus lieutenant. There's a much better golem sculpt.

And I haven't found a use for this yet other than terrifying players by pulling it out of the box but still worth it: pic3520358.jpg

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