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What Clone Wars Armada might look like

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Heyo Admirals!

So we did a fun little battle report project using various custom armada compatible miniatures from Mel_Miniatures and Cards/Stats from guys on the forums who made this [https://imgur.com/a/MzbcwoZ]
Shoutout to the Armada Discord for helping me get the ship base cardboard size right!

I figure it would be a great first look into what Clone Wars Armada might look like.

Just thought we'd end the year with some fun and in the Armada range of content!

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Hey guys, great video! So nice to see you‘re using our Clone Wars set and that you‘re having fun...

I know here and there balancing might not be ideal but unfortunately it took us quite a while to finish V1.0 and on the day we posted it, FFG announced Clone Wars for Armada 🤣 Therefore we haven‘t balanced everything for a V2.0 as we didn‘t know if it was worth the effort?!

But it was great fun designing the set and to come up with new ideas and features for Armada. We are very interested in what FFG will come up with...

P.S. I‘m glad you played the Nubians with the N-1‘s as they are one of my favorites. Like a small „fleet within a fleet“!

If you‘ve any questions please always feel free to ask ;)


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On 12/28/2019 at 1:59 AM, XR8rGREAT said:

Great looking ships. How would you decide what to make the fire arcs for the new ships? 

For the existing ships we took the fire arcs as they exist. For the new ships we decided on what we would like them to be and still match technical specification. 

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