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XCOM APP - older (original) version availability.

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As I recall, the initial version of the APP ran on older operating systems on the PC.  The new version does not.  Does anyone still have that first version, which they can share with us who only have older OS devices? 

I also hear that there is an online version of the APP, which could be run on the older OS web browsers.  Where do I find this site?


Thank you

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I was sure I had also been given the impression that you would be able to run the app through a browser but now I can find no proof or evidence of that ever being talked about. As far as I know the only way to play it is to download the app, either direct to your PC/MAC or to a mobile device via your respective app store.

The last update was just over a year ago so that is really weird that it no longer works on older OS systems. Surely there must be something you can use to get it working. My phone is almost 4 years old and at the tail-end of its supported life, in fact the plug may be pulled on it, but I can still run the app no problem.

I realize I probably haven't been very helpful but I do hope you get it working. I think it's a very under-rated game.

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