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Risky Business scenario questions

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Hi. I was hoping someone could please help me out.

1. When you flip a card is that considered entering play? So when you flip from Criminal Enterprise to State of Madness do you put the two counters on State of Madness? I'm almost sure you do but the card as a physical object was already entered play even if it was not that side.

From RR:

The phrase “enters play” refers to any time when a card
transitions from an out-of-play area into play. Playing a card,
putting a card into play by using a card ability, or revealing
a card from the encounter deck are all different means by
which a card may enter play.

2. In a 4-hero game does each hero really discard 6 cards at setup or are 6 total discarded among all the heroes? There will be 6 infamy counters: start with 2 and then add one per player. I'm thinking it's odd that in a one-player game you are going to start with cards but in a 4-player games most or all will start with no cards.


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Just played this scenario 3 player. It was fun, but much longer with 3 players than core set scenarios. The scheme never got out of hand and we did damage when we could vs Gobby.

We had Spider Man Protection, Ms. Marvel Leadership and Cap. Justice.  Have to say Ms Marvel is a pretty amazing add to this game. I love how thematic it is going back and forth using her personas and her ability in hero form is incredible.

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I enjoyed Ms. Marvel very much as well, her resource generating suit for events and brother, Aamir Khan, were clutch and they'll be what I'll be mulliganing(?) for. I don't know how I feel about Bruno yet though. I usually found myself needing to play out my entire hand. I did find her nemesis treachery card, Harvest, to be especially brutal. I played 2 solo and a 3 player game with her. The protection cards we got in both hero packs are AMAZING! 

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