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Three little questions about rules

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Hello all! I have three rule-questions:

  1. In heirs of blood campaign after "caladain crossing" quest OL should choose 1 lieutenant to sacrice. If this lieutenant listed in "Monsters" section of a quest rules, this lieutenant is not placed. What if in 2 act heroes chose to play active quest card "Armed to the teeth" Side quest with already sacrificed Splig? Can OL place Sacrificed Splig on the map? What if quest will be broken without this lietenant?
  2. The question in same theme: do you use tained cards in a side quests in mists+chains campaign? Do you use main campaign rules in side quests?
  3. CRRG says: "If the Knight uses Defend and was targeted himself as part of a multitarget attack, the attacks affects him twice and he rolls his defense dice once each instance. What if Elemental uses fire ability that targets three non-knight heroes(all of them adjacent to knight). How much times the knight can "Defend" heroes (he is not target of fire attack)? All three attacks (for price 3 fatgue)? Only two (2 fatigue)? Or only one?

Thanks, and sorry for my bad English =(

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1) Based off of the wording in quests like "Caladen's Crossing" and a warning in the beginning of the HoB book, I think the OL would not place Splig even in the rumor quest:

-When the LT is sacrificed, the rules say the card is "returned to the game box." The game box is essentially nowhere, those cards are inaccessible.

-There is an explicit warning at the beginning of the HoB campaign regarding plot decks, "Consideration should also be given when choosing the... Plot decks... If the overlord sacrifices Spig, Belthir, or Baron Zachareth, he cannot summon the corresponding agent into play for the remainder of the campaign."

In other words, the LT card is off limits, and the character is off limits as well via other cards. Therefore, I would say "consideration should be given" when playing rumor cards containing quests featuring lieutenants who may be sacrificed during HoB.

All the above being said, in a healthy, friendly, campaign, I would expect all parties to come up with a solution such as swapping out the rumor quest or playing a different rumor card from the OL's hand.

2) You do not use tainted cards in rumor quests during a mists/chains campaign, nor do you have the quest victory if all heroes are KO'd.

3) "Defend" is a "use this card" type skill without a time limit (for example, "limit once per round"). That means the knight may use it as many times as it is applicable, provided he can pay the cost. If the Elemental were to target 3 different heroes adjacent to the knight, the knight could pay 3 fatigue and redirect all 3 of those attacks back at himself. He would have to roll defense dice 3 separate times.


EDIT: Knight_66 reminded me to check the CRRG, which apparently details on page 48 how the knight can only use Defend once per attack.

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