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Matroskin’s Game Aids (Including RRG without background)

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Hey everyone,

I want to share a few tools/ resources that may help out:

Rules Reference Guide without Background

I know that many on the forums like printing out their RRG, and don’t want to burn through countless ink cartridges. So, here’s the current set (1.6.1) without background.



Resilience Chart

I made this “cheat sheet” for a store tourney. Helped when needing to look up the damaged vehicle results. They are 4 per page, sized for the tarot card sleeves (so Armada players wondering what to do with all their extra sleeves...) Updated to current rule set.

Letter sized: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t8enya3zy9u43v7/ResilienceReferenceCards.pdf?dl=0

A4: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wi4h8tkzmvif92x/ResilienceReferenceCard-4up-A4.pdf?dl=0


Let me know if there would be any other charts or quick reference tools you think the community could use.



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Updated link for RRG 1.6.1

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Here’s the latest RRG (1.6) without a background.


I’ve broken it apart so it’s not in “spread” format (two pages side by side). It makes it easier for reading on a tablet, and for printing (and is set to 8.5x11)

The hyperlinks “work”-- if you’re going from odd page to odd page or from even to even, it works fine. If you’re going from odd to even or even to odd, the link takes you to the page before or after. (best I could do without actual source files).

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On 12/18/2019 at 8:08 AM, arnoldrew said:

Resilience is the only time I regularly need to consult the rules for Legion. It makes me feel like I'm playing 40k, except instead of consulting a chart every 2-3 minutes, I'm doing it about every 3rd game. Man, I love Legion.

I actually consulted them far less in Oldhammer. The Universal Special Rules sounded good but were kinda a terrible idea in practice.

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