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Chaos in the Old World board game is missing on your website

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It's out of print.  Eric Lang the original designer doesn't work at FFG anymore.  FFG no longer is partnered with Games Workshop so they no longer produce Warhammer themed games.  Also the Old World setting has been shelved by Games Workshop in favor of The Age of Sigmar.  So the game is super dead.  Incidentally I love CitOW.  It's one of my favorite competitive 4 player games.  I can't see ever getting rid of my copy. I know CMON has put out some successor games (by Eric Lang the original designer), but the theme in CitOW is what enthralled us.  It seemed fitting that demons would be playing the mean spirited "take that" game required to succeed in Chaos.

I also love my copy of FFG's version of The Horus Heresy, which is also unlikely to ever see the light of day again.  I'll never get rid of that annoyingly large box.  I still get requests to pull that out for an evening.

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