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Lord of the Night and night lords trilogy: sequels?

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Hello everyone,,

Specifically Lord of the Night(Warhammer 40,000) by Simon Spurrier 2005.

But also Night Lords Omnibus 2014 by Aaron Dembski-Bowden.

After finishing my excellent Night Lords trilogy NLT (go read!), I tried the equally (almost) excellent Lord of the Night novel.

If you haven't read it please do. Solid book told well and if you're a night lord fan it expands on many of the NLT ideas regarding their leader and his fall and what became of his forces. Imo the 4 books nicely complement each other and as a fan of the dawn of war games I continue to feel familiar with the universe.

I always wondered how the Night Lords of NLT ended up as the chaos monsters we fight or play as in the games. And the arc of the book and ending explain this in a tidy way to some extend as did NLT at times reversephonelookup.onl/ curated.onl/nba-reddit/ pcbuilder.onl/pcpartpicker/.


Lord of rhe Night ends with an epilogue clearly explaining that the female inquisitor lead lives and almost certainly so to does the talonmaster and heir to the Night Lords and now keeper of the corona nox. They both some how escape against all odds.

How they found a warp shuttle in a full invasion , especially with a wounded human female and an armless relic without a chaos taint..Is beyond me haha but that would likely be explained briefly in the sequel. The sequel we don't seem to have had a decade plus on....

The reviews are all positive for this book and the Night Lords trilogy is adored so I imagine there be a demand. And the two series could easily interlink and complement each other if the authors saw fit.

Also I imagine for a new night lord commander with prophetic abilities a crown would help cement their joining of the splintered night lord legions.

So my questions are...are sequels planned ? Any news? Anyone want to see a sequel to either series ? Especially lord of the Night ...as it has yet to conclude ....

Shout out below if you liked these books and maybe why. And if you want or know anything about the stories continuing..

  • Also are there any other quality night lord books?

Thanks for reading...

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