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Genesys Master Resource List (revamped)

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@SkyJedi is stepping away from most of his involvement in the Genesys community since Keyforge has stolen his fancy. I'm sure most of you are already familiar with me and my work and probably already interact with me in the other parts of the online Genesys community that I run. Because of these reasons I'm taking over responsibility for maintaining the master resource list here.

Please be patient while I build the list anew here as the first comment.

If you'd like something linked, please make a separate forum thread, for discussion and links,  and I'll link to that thread.

If you had something in the previous thread and it is not represented here, please post again.

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DrainSmith's Dropbox Dispensary

The best place to start if you are looking for anything:
[DrainSmith's Dropbox Dispensary of Genesys]

Other Communities

[Facebook Group]

[Discord Server]




[The Forge]

[Don't Despair]

[Finding the Narrative]

No longer updating:

[Dice Pool]

[Excess Advantage]


[Dice for Brains]


[Anydice Probabilities]

[Discord Dice Bot]

[Web Dice] https://genesys.skyjedi.com

[RPG Sessions]

[Dice combo images for writing]

Game Play Resources

[GM sheets]

[Web Character Generator]

[Race, Talent, Item Generator]

[Rule Cards]

[Cheat Sheet 0.9.5]



[NPC Cards]

[Player Locator]

[GM Huzz's Sci-Fi Armoury]

[GM Binder]

[GOONS - Alternative Minion Rules]

[Vampire Template for Pre-existing characters]

[The Story Spanner]

[Genesys: superpowers]

[Gear Creation/Price App]

[Terrinoth Beastary]

[Terrinoth Lore]

[Genesys Adversaries Site]

Genesys Settings

[GM Phil's Fallout Theme]

[Dark Heresy - Genesys Edition]

[FFG's GenCon Adventure - Terrinoth Adventure]


[Avatar: The Second Age] -megalink

[Avatar: The Second Age] -dropbox


[The OmniSphere: Earth Beta, The Unseen World]

[The OmniSphere: Earth Delta, A World of Broken Heroes]

[The OmniSphere: Earth Omega, Nightmare Earth]


[Twilight Imperium]

[Magepunk] After Seven

[Final Fantasy VII]

[Pathfinder to Genesys Formulas and Setting]

[Mass Effect - hotchocolatemedia]

[Cthulhu Mythos]

[Kaalamity's Edge of Tamriel - Second Edition]


[Adventures in Middle Earth: Lord of the Rings Genesys]

[Fantasy Handbook]

[Korlall's Android Setting]

[Earthdawn Genesys]

[Vampire the Requiem]

[Alien Setting]

[Warships and Merchant Ships of the Age of Sail]

[Indiana Jones]

[Legend of the 5 rings]

[Gentlemen of Fortune: Fantasy on the High Seas]

[ Adventures in Azeroth: Warcraft Genesys 1.1]


[Unseen World]



[The Malady Melody]

[high schoolers vs. zombies]

[The Dreaming Heralds]

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