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Looking for settings - Marvel, League...

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I'm looking to see if anyone has done work on certain settings i'm interested in.

I've found Overwatch (good job), and i'm sure i saw WOW stuff.

Has anyone done Marvel (MCU or comics) or LEague of LEgends?


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I'm working on a super hero setting that's meant to replicate Marvel Cinematic level heroes.

Check out Tyrants & Tribunes:

Note, this product is still in an Alpha stage. I'm running a test game of it and still need to fill out a lot of the details. The next update I'm planning has a lot more gear, changes to the Iron Man archetype to focus on crafting, additional talents and fighting styles.

Also take a look at IndianaWalsh's Genesys Super Powers:

This is another super power setting that has a different design philosophy then mine. It uses power points and skill trees. Really would recommend to take a look at this as well.

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