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Gregor Eisenhorn

Genesys: Necromunda - Tales from the Underhive

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Hi all,

I'm in the very opening stages of creating my first setting for Genesys: one to run games in Games Workshop's Necromunda setting in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. I've been playing Genesys on and off since it first came out, love the system but this is my first time making a setting  to run my own games in so I'm going to take it easy: most of the rules have already been made and exist for Genesys already, it's largely going to be a case of compiling the right ones together. There will be some meatier subjects, namely archetype creation and to a greater extent: the beastiary and the armory (as an aside, I'm already aware of Tom's excellent Dark Heresy supplement and have played many games with it. While I'll definitely be using a lot of his great work for inspiration, I'll be retooling most of the weapons to bring down the "punchiness" to regular Genesys levels).

Right now, to help define the setting I've started on putting together the skills list as once that's sorted I'll be able to branch out from there. For those who aren't aware of Necromunda, it's probably best described as an almost-post-apocalyspe cyberpunk setting with a sprinkle of Judge Dredd and Wild West vibes with a side of eldritch horror.

I would love some feedback from those of you who have gone through the process of creating your own settings. I apologize if some of  the stuff I've included is out of context and a bit plain looking (okay, very plain looking). I'm simply looking at getting a working supplement together for now. If at somepoint I end up with something which works, I'll look at putting together a more professional looking document with appropriate formatting and images. I'm already fully expecting there to be many mistakes and oversights at this point, so any help is greatly appreciated!


Designer's Notes:

  • The skills selection was originally based off the skills list for Shadow of the Beanstalk although the knowledge skills have been adapted from Realms of Terrinoth.
  • Chemistry is pretty much Alchemy retooled for the dark, techno punk world of Necromunda. Lore purists will (correctly) point out that in the context of Warhammer 40,000, it should be spelt Chymistry. I've gone with the regular spelling because Necromunda is a very, very different setting from regular 40k where the average underhiver is a lot more practical regards the concept of an Immortal God-Emperor or the idea of praying to your lasgun to keep it happy as superstition or at the very least, fanciful ideology that is out of place alongside the grim realities of underhive life (ssssh, nobody tell House Cawdor).
  • Tech-Use: Given the context of 40k, this is basically Operate and Computers rolled into one.
  • Knowledge (Heresy) is essentially Knowledge (Forbidden) from Realms of Terrinoth.
  • Knowledge (Necromunda) is Knowledge (Lore) and Knowledge (Geography) from Realms of Terrinoth combined into one.
  • Knowledge (The Underhive) is Knowledge (Adventuring) from Realms of Terrinoth.
  • There is magic (or rather psychic abilities) in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. It plays a part in Necromunda but (arguably), it's not the focus of the setting. At this stage I've included a single "Psyker" skill predominantly for NPC use although I'll probably end up having some PC options. This area of skills will likely see a lot of revision depending on how "all in" I think I need to get.





Necromunda- Skills.pdf

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