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YOUR top 5 lists of 2019 - weekly reflection series

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These are my Top5 lists from 2019, all of them from the last points change:



(47) Obi-Wan Kenobi [Delta-7 Aethersprite]

(6) R2 Astromech

(19) Delta-7B

Points: 72


(45) Mace Windu [Delta-7 Aethersprite]

(6) R2 Astromech

(18) Delta-7B

(5) Sense

Points: 74


(43) Luminara Unduli [Delta-7 Aethersprite]

(7) C1-10P

(3) Calibrated Laser Targeting

Points: 53

Total points: 199

It’s the squad I’m playing lately, and it’s working quite well. I’m 7-3 with it , but in the last game I made a little change: Sense to Obi, Heightened perception to Mace, and no CLT on Luminara. I liked it more than the previous version.



(66) Corran Horn [E-wing]

(7) R2-D2

(4) Spare Parts Canisters

(2) Fire-Control System

(1) Crack Shot

Points: 80


(43) Miranda Doni [BTL-S8 K-wing]

(3) Sabine Wren

(3) Seismic Charges

(5) Proton Bombs

(14) Han Solo

(6) Diamond-Boron Missiles

(4) Shield Upgrade

Points: 78


(36) Jake Farrell [RZ-1 A-wing]

(1) Crack Shot

Points: 37

Total points: 195

If you know me from the forums, and have read my batreps, you’ll know Corran is my favorite pilot, and I’ve played him a lot since I started playing the game in Wave 7 (1.0). 2019 has been my most successful year competitively speaking, getting Top8 in Bologna SoS and Top32 in the Spanish SoS. Corran was in both of those squads... That Miranda build above was stolen from @Wiredin, and I really enjoyed it. Went 4-2 in the Spanish Grands but a couple mistakes made me miss the cut.


I haven’t played much scum lately... But I tried this and I liked it:



(85) Boba Fett [Firespray-class Patrol Craft]

(0) Jamming Beam

(12) Maul

(3) Contraband Cybernetics

(2) Slave I

Points: 102


(64) Guri [StarViper-class Attack Platform]

(6) Afterburners

(10) Advanced Sensors

(6) Outmaneuver

Points: 86


Total points: 188

Just 2 games and went 1-1. Guri is awesome, but I ain’t Phil GC...




(71) Han Solo [Scavenged YT-1300]

(5) Kaydel Connix

(6) Korr Sella

(14) Rey

(3) Contraband Cybernetics

(5) Lone Wolf

(5) Rey's Millennium Falcon

Points: 109


(68) Poe Dameron [T-70 X-wing]

(2) R4 Astromech

(2) Autoblasters

(0) Integrated S-foils

(1) Marksmanship

(6) Ferrosphere Paint

(2) Black One

Points: 81

Total points: 190

I really really enjoy flying this squad. I just don’t think it’s good enough. My most difficult matches were against regen (Jedi or Rebels), or beef. I’m 11-15 with it (with some changes from game to game).

I also played the 5 Resistance A-wings a couple games and they’re really fun to fly. I’m 3-0 with it. 

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In no particular order:

1) Wedge/Thane/Garven Alpha - Wedge and Thane with Torps and Shield Upgrade. Garven and Wedge with Swarm Tactics. 191pts. Built to murderise Redline (or anything else, really). Lasted a whole week or so of 2019 before the January Points Update, but still up there. First 2.0 4-0 at a tournament.

2) Danger Zone - Poe, Nien, L'ulo - Just fun to fly and reasonably competitive. 3-3 at UKSO.

3) 5 RZ-2s (Tallie, Greer, Zari, 2x Blue) - Fast, harder-hitting than you'd think, and excellent time on target. Struggles against Aces. 4-2 and 8th in Swiss at a HST this Autumn.

4) Quad T-70s (specifically Temmin, Jess, Bastian, Blue Rookie) - Stacked initiative makes formation flying tricky but the abilities interact well and it can murderise most lists that try and joust it. Struggles with aces. Second 2.0 4-0 at a tournament, list for PAX Unplugged this weekend.

5) Rebel Not-Aces (Wedge, Luke, Corran) - Just fun to fly and three of my favourite pilots. Could be competitive if flown properly. Possible contender for Worlds Qualifier at PAX Unplugged.

Honourable mention: Two Jedi (Anakin/Obi-Wan or Anakin/Saesee) - Fun to fly but only good (in my hands) at smaller/casual events.

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18 hours ago, theBitterFig said:

Here's the thing about Stealth Device: if you can turn that extra die into an Evade, it's as good as a Shield Upgrade, even if it's knocked off on the first attack.  Literally exactly the same.

If it doesn't get knocked off? If you had like 2 hits incoming and evaded them both?  Jackpot.  Buy one, get one free.

There aren't too many ships I'd do this with.  Captain Feroph.  Maybe Braylen Stramm.  Rebel Lando or Han with Millennium Falcon (I lost a game to Lando with Stealth Device in a large part because I couldn't roll more than 2 hits with a Focus/Lock Plasma Torpedoes attack on him, and he got the 2 Evades he needed).  If you've got Jyn Erso in the list, Stealth Device on Luke would be amazing.

I can see it on Rey, as well, since she can use her pilot ability to a blank.

I've started playing that kind of Rey (yesterday) with 2 A-wings, because I've seen a guy talking about that in Reddit, and it's pretty fun. The A are Tallie (which adds another green to Rey if played properly) and Greer because it always stays on target.

I've won both games, first vs Empire Aces (not the best list though) and then vs Scum playing Boba (really close game). The first game I rolled 4 green dice (WITH REY!) a couple of times, but the second I've lost the Device turn 1. 

I really agree that's good on Rey, at least a little better than an extra shield.

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