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RtL Shop item generation

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So I have a question about how the shop items are generated, I have no idea how it is exactly coded.

So you have a pool with items and based on your fame, better items are added to the pool and lesser items are removed from the pool. The more your fame rises, the better the gear is.

Does anyone have some insight on how the items from the pool are drawn? Is it like 5 (or more) totally randomly generated items, or are there like specific slots? So for example always one trinket and two weapons will show up?

I believe/feel it is totally random, but if anyone has had a look at the code, that would be interesting...


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Check out this post for specifics on the RtL shop:

Also from another post by BruceLGL:


Items selected randomly when in fame limits. Each of the 6 item spots in a City has required traits (item must have) and excluded traits (item must not have). I think the traits are defined by the campaign (so for example one spot might always have armour).

source: https://boardgamegeek.com/article/33353605#33353605

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