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[Foundry] Setting Notebook

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Studio 404 Games is pleased to present our first product in our "Studio Tool-Kit" line; the SETTING NOTEBOOK!

Got an idea for a theme, but need some help throwing it together? The SETTING NOTEBOOK provides guidance, recommendations, and tables to help you create your desired setting. The notebook even has form-fillable sections to allow you to enter your information directly into the product!

The SETTING NOTEBOOK is available now on DriveThruRPG.com. Pick it up and get creating your setting today!

In addition, the notebook includes:

  • Checklists of all published Genesys skills and talents.
  • A table to create new archetypes which totals the XP costs for you.
  • Space to create new skills, talents, and equipment.


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Excellent PDF. It seems to be that some pages would be likely to be used multiple times. For those using the form fillable options, perhaps releasing each page "category" as an independent files (ie as a zip file) since not everyone is able to extract pages as separate pdfs or duplicate pages.

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Thanks for your feedback, I'm glad you're enjoying the Notebook.

That's an interesting idea. I had considered that people would want multiple copies of the same page, and that they could simply duplicate the entire file. But since I export from ID into separate sections and then merge them in Acrobat (this makes managing the fillable form fields much easier) I could just upload all the individual files.

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