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Massachusetts Prime Event 12/14/19

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This event is sponsored by Toy's N Things of Danvers Massachusetts but the event will occur at the Best Western Hotel in Woburn Massachusetts.

I highly suggest pre-registration to lock in your spot.

I will be the TO for this event, to be clear, I am not a Toy's employee.  I am an Armada player and enthusiast and am volunteering to TO this event.  I have TO'ed many events in the past including Regionals in Derry New Hampshire last year.  I will not be compensated in any way other than the designated TO share of the prize kit.  Please keep this in mind when asking questions about the event.  My one and only goal for the event is to put on the best Prime event as possible and do what I can to ensure everyone has a good time.

Players should bring 3 copys of their tournament list including your name and objectives.  One list will be for your opponents, this copy does not have to include your objectives.  One copy will be for me and will not be returned.  The third copy is for your own records and as a backup.  Printed copies are prefered but hand written copies will be accepted.

For players traveling some distance to the event please mention the event if booking at the Best Western.

I have play mats for 8 tables, if you have play mats please bring them to the event and notify me that you have them when you arrive.   I will let you know if they will be needed.

I will likely bring a list, for the sole purpose of in the event of the need for Bye's I will offer to play the player with the bye if they wish but my primary responsibilty will be my TO duties which would likely interupt these casual games if played.

To reiterate, if you intend to attend this event I highly recommend pre-registering.  As I get updates from the owner on pre-registrations I will post those here. 

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Just a reminder that the store owner would prefer folks pre-register for this event.  This is not required and I have tried to explain that folks often want to wait to register.

Currently there is plenty of room available and I will post if that were to change.  

Also as a reminder, this event will be held in a Hotel Function room.  This may make it easier for folks that need to come from some distance away to find lodging.  Because we are about the only Prime in the North Eastern U.S. we would like to invite folks to come.  In fact I hope we may get some folks from New York, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania along with all 6 New England states and possibly even Canada.

If you have any questions please let me know, especially if those questions refer to the tournament itself.  If the questions refer to registration you may want to contact the store.


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