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Working Within the Android Universe

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I'm running the pre gen adventure with some people and I want to give them a good experience with their first time using the Genesys system.  

The problem is, I've run a couple of games within the Android universe before and I have a hard time constructing the ambiance of the cyberpunk world.

I have significant experience with the Star Wars RPG and I have little trouble with that since I have consumed mass amounts of Star Wars media, however, Android has little media connected to it.

So my question is this.  Does anyone have suggestions for world building notes or something within the game to help flesh it out?

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I just started my own Android campaign and ran into a similar issue. The Worlds of Android book was an amazing resource. After that the Android novellas; so far I've only read Undercity but it definitely helped.


For more visual media I'm just going to list shows/movies that I think help with Android specific games (rather than just cyberpunk in general).


Cowboy Bepop

Big O

Ghost in the Shell

Dimension W

Blade Runner

Blade Runner: 2049

Altered Carbon


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