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Animal Companion, Drone Silhouettes, and Buying Drones

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The Animal Companion Talent sidebar in Shadow of the beanstalk (Page 51) states the talent can be used to control a drone. The Talent listing in Genesys Core (Page 77) states that Rank 1 of the talent allows for a Silhouette 0 companion, and each following rank increase the Silhouette cap by 1. However, only 2 of the drones has listed Silhouettes, starting on page 233 of Shadow of the Beanstalk.

Camdrone and Combat Drone groups each have a Silhouette of 0.

Hunter-Killer, Maintenance, Retail, or Toy Drones do not state their Silhouette.


As per the Hunter-Killers description of large enough to “haul around some truly heavy artillery” in additional to heavy infantry support Rival status, Silhouette 2 seems appropriate.

Retail Drones are Minions and also described as “small.” Silhouette 0 seems reasonable.

Maintenance Drone is “boxy” and “spider-legged.” Silhouette 1 seems reasonable.

Toy Drones is designed to be educational and accessible to infants and toddlers. Silhouette 0 seems reasonable.


When someone purchases a Minion drone, I believe they only acquire a single unit of that drone. Meaning that if someone wanted a Minion group of 3 Camdrones, they would need 3 instances of searching for a Rarity 2 item. Has anyone found anything in the book to indicate anything different?

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As some of the drones have Silhouette 0, I think it is safe to assume that the other drones are intended to have Silhouette 1.

Silhouette is not only an abstract measurement of size, but also of mass. The drone might be of lightweight materials, especially the flying ones, resulting in a low mass although they are bigger.

So they could still qualify for the smaller silhouette.

A motorbike on the other hand is silhouette 1 and quite small, but can easily weight as much as 3-4 people.

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