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IACommand 2020 Tournament Kit

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I am happy to announce IACommand's very first tournament kit. This is a project that I have been working on for months and after the Prime schedule was posted I was working extra hard to finish, and I am so happy it's finally ready to be revealed. The kit is designed to work with 4-16 players in a way that doesn't leave the TO holding 12 copies of the same promo that nobody wants at the end of the day. The kit can be used to support Standard play or IACP. The promos feature borderless designs over gorgeous full-size HD artworks, with elite Riot Trooper, elite Loth-cat and Hera being the prize cards for people finishing top 4 in their respective faction. These cards will have a high quality playing-card linen finish, very similar to the look and feel of real IA cards and will be much more resistant to wear and tear than the cards I've had printed in the past. There will also be a medal for the winner featuring the channel's logo and 2020, and a borderless full-art Onar Koma with brand new artwork that was commissioned by the same artist who did our very first Drokkatta alt-art for the channel. There is an extra Onar in there for the TO to keep or give away as a raffle.


Please send an email to IACommand01@gmail.com if you are interested in hosting one of these tournaments (or leagues) for your community (and feel free to leave a comment here to let others know you're interested). I will need to know what city and store you plan to host at so that we can prevent overlaps. I will release a master list of everyone that has asked for a kit Then I will be shipping the kit to the store you gave me with a note including your name and what the kit is for. I am hoping that this will get people to actually interface with their LGS and discourage people from just asking for a kit and then keeping the cards for themselves. If for some reason you absolutely cannot have the kit shipped to the venue, please let me know why in your email and we can work something out.

Note: I am not selling these! These are not for my personal enrichment, these are a gift from the channel back to the community. But I will need everyone who wants a kit to help me cover the cost up front, because right now I am broke AF with college debt looming and only just started a new job this week finally but way below market rate to get my foot in the door. I have estimated that with printing cost, shipping and supplies, I will need ~$20 per kit via paypal. This is just to cover the estimated cost of getting these printed and shipped. If it turns out to be much cheaper, I will try to refund people the difference, I do not want nor intend to profit off of these.

I would like to get these into people's hands no later than the first week of January, so I am setting a deadline of December 1 to get your order in. 


Q: Can I just buy one of these from you if I am a player and just want these sweet cards shipped to my house?
A: No, this is not an Etsy thing, this is to give back to the community and to encourage more organized play for an FFG game at Local Game Stores. 

Q: I don't know who my local community or Local Game Store are or who I should contact about running one of these, help!
A: Make a post here or send me an email with your general location (city) and I will try and help find and connect you with an existing IA community near you.

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I just wanted to give credit where it's due:

I received the three kits I ordered about a week ago, and @Tvboy, I am very impressed!  The cards are easily professional quality, and the medallion is -far- larger and flashier than I was expecting.  So thank you for the time and effort you put in on these, I'm a fan. ; )

If you ever decide to make any more kits, I'll be sure to order some for our local community again!

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