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Tantive IV Expansion dial error

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Hey X-Wing players! We have an update on the CR90 dial from the Tantive IV Expansion (but not the Huge Ship Conversion Kit) that has been raising some questions of late. Unfortunately, the ship dial included in the Tantive IV Expansion was printed incorrectly. The correct dial is:


The differences between the correct dial and the version included in the Tantive IV Expansion are:

• The 1 bank maneuvers, printed as blue, should be white.

• The 2 bank maneuvers, printed as white, should be blue.

• The 4 straight maneuver, printed as white, should be red.

Customer service will be able supply replacements for incorrect dials (although there will be a wait for these as the replacements are currently being produced).  For those players excited to get their CR90 on the table right away, the CR90 can be played using the incorrect dial by following these steps: Step 1: Using the incorrect dial, select a maneuver. Step 2: When revealing the dial, consult the corrected chart or dial included above. If the difficulty of the maneuver differs, use the difficulty on the corrected dial instead. Because the speed and bearing of all maneuvers on the incorrect dial still match with the CR90’s correct maneuver dial, any maneuver on the dial is still a legal speed and bearing for the CR90. Additionally, the incorrect dial is not missing any speed/bearing combinations available to the CR90. Note also that effects that refer to the ship’s revealed maneuver use the corrected difficulty.

Important note: The version of the dial included in the Huge Ship Conversion Kit is correct, and players with that product can continue to play their CR90 corvettes without issue. Thanks! We really appreciate your patience as we get this matter resolved, and we hope you’re having fun with huge ships and Epic Battles!



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