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Star Wars top down Token

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Hey everyone,
Unfortunately there dont seem to be many top down tokens around for Star Wars RPGs (aside from the ones Devin Night has kindly created but that reeally just cover the very basics.)
Ive always preferred them over circle image tokens, so i decided to create some myself :)
To make it more fun, I started by making a little token alphabet :D
Here are the first ones:

A is for Aqualish Worker


B is for B1 Battle Droid


C is for Corellian Doggo


D is for Devaronian Pirate


E is for Enforcer Droid


F is for Flametrooper


Right now, these are straight from my sketchbook. Once I have drawn one token for every letter, i will scan them and paint them digitally for use on roll20 or similar platforms !
I´ already got a couple ideas for some of the other letters, but i am happy to hear suggestions if anyone wants to see a particular token.

Next up are G for Geonosian and H for Harch :)

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Ive made some progress, so I guess it's time for another update....

Once I've drawn them all into my sketchbook, I will add transparency and colorize them digitally. 

G is for Geonosian Warrior Drone


H is for Harch Gunslinger


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