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D2e Card Viewer - For Firefox

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I am the author of the D2e Card Viewer extension. Previously, it had only been available for Chrome.

I had received many requests in the past for a version that would run on Firefox.

With the invaluable help of BGG's DeathRx and reddit's banjo78910, we have re-written the code of the extension so that the exact same version of the code can not only run on Chrome, but now also runs on Firefox !!!

We have all tested the code fairly extensively, but since it was a significant re-write, if you find any issues, please let me know.

So, if you are a Firefox user, you can access the add-on here:

D2e Card Viewer

Enjoy !!!

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50 minutes ago, rugal said:

yeah ! and how does that work ?

Are you asking how the add-on works?  You run Firefox, access the link above, and load the add-on.  Then, when you go to various supported sites (such as FFG) with D2e content, it will automatically underline in red-dotted lines key card names within the game.  When you use your mouse to move the cursor to those underlined words, it will automatically display an image of the card in question.

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