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I was speaking of it on another thread

Was thinking of new heroes and new class, let's go on heroes first, so I can change my "dark forest" expansion


Needs a feat for her


what do you think ?

Don't like this one


Was already in my "dark forest" expansion

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Annie ability is definitely interesting, especially for PRO players which knows which overlord cards uses which attribute. However I think that 8 health and brown defense die without defense ability makes her too weak.

Sazalamel is really nice. I like both ability and heroic, but I think wording could be slightly improved. Stats and attributes are also good.
For ability I think that there should be "...attack against monster" so it excludes attacks against each others (second sentence say "monster" anyway). Instead of "less 1" it could be "-1" - used on Leoric of the BookTatianna (CK).
Maybe something like:
Each time a hero within 3 spaces of you resolves an attack against monster and monster is left with damage equals to its health -1, that monster suffer 1 Heart.
What about monsters with Reanimation keyword? What triggers first?
And for Heroic:
Action: Remove each other hero from the map and place them in the closest empty spaces adjacent to you.
Maybe there should be clarification that you place them in order of your choice and that it includes/excludes familiars? Also this heroic might break some quests, when you must go to one side of the map and then escape or where your party is split by the quest rules.

Aeon (Johanna). I don't know, black and 5 stamina is very good, even with 3 speed and "just" 10 health. Ability is fine, I would add words 'perform' and 'additional' to the wording. There is plenty of space for it:
When you perform a stand up action, you can still perform 1 additional action.
Heroic is really similar to Avric Albright, but worst. Wording should be same:
Use when you are defeated to roll 2 red power dice. Each other hero within 3 spaces of you may recover Heart equal to the Heart rolled.

Eneal is awesome, stats and attributes are great and I really like the ability.
I think that also small tweaks to the wording could be done. "hero's hero token' could be just 'hero tokens', limitation could be in the first sentence and I don't think you need to write "This is in addition to your 2 actions on your turn." if you add word 'additional' (I understand that it's wording from Grisban the Thirsty). I think it could be something like:
Action: Put 1 of your hero tokens on your Hero sheet, if there is not any.
During your turn you may discard the hero token from your Hero sheet to gain 1 additional action.

Heroic is straight forward better Avric Albright, but I guess that's fine. Also wording should be "recover Hearth equal to the Hearth rolled".

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Hmm, I have not read through your Dark Forest content yet, so I don't know for what theme you are going and if you want to reflect that in your character design or not.

Annie reminds me of the same named girl from League of Legends. She has a summon pet skill. Your flavour text seems to indicate she is a wolf, perhaps you can go in the direction of shapeshifting?

Sazalamel's Heroic looks really strong, teleporting all heroes near you? I have not played all campaigns yet, but I think it would break quests like "Saradyn in Flames" (HoB).

Not sure what to say about the D3 Crusader. As a Warrior she has a Healer Heroic feat (Ispher/Avric/...) which is a bit odd, but not bad as it kinda fits with the Paladin theme. Something feels wrong but not sure what. Perhaps it's the standing up HA, there is already a lot of defeat/standup interaction with the warrior classes skill cards, I feel she could use something more unique as HA. Ability would work awesome with the Skirmisher "Back in Action" and Knight "Stalwart" Skill. She'd also make a great Marshal with her high Knowledge.

Eneal looks nice, Grey Ker with a twist, I like it!


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Maybe Annie should have + 2 to two attributes ? 

She's weak but I hoped for a great feat.



I don't think Sazalamel wording should be changed it seems really clear to me.


Aeon was different. I wished a hero playing with defeated heroes but should be a class.



Eneal is by far the better idea. His ability was à pain to word. His feat his not stronger than Avric but different : less chances to give back life but give back fatigue. Sincères your dice must be differents, you must have either Red + Yellow or Red + Green or Yellow + Green

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+3 to one attribute seems more interesting to me then +2 to two. Anyway it's not solving anything, Heroic is just one time deal and not even "immortality" for turn would save her.

I just tried to make your texts more consistent with other heroes of course you don't have to listen. :)

Avric max with two reds means 6 hp heal, Eneal max with red and yellow means 5 hp and 2 fatigue, on average he will heal 1 less hearth and +1 fatigue which I consider better - also it's much more flexible. But really, that's fine.

I had two question in that wall of text of mine:
Does Sazalamel ability kill monster with Reanimation keyword or Reanimation heal triggers first?
Does Sazalamel teleports familiars?

Also thinking more about quest scenarios, I think Sazalamel heroic really breaks lot's of them. Maybe there should be some restriction on carrying objective tokens, distance, etc.

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Sazalamel : since when multiple effects triggers at the same time active player choose I would say "yeq during heroes turn no during à counter attack for example.

Yes to the feat but I didn't really think of it. You're right but many skills broque some qu'est


I'm not sont fluent in english as I used tout be sont sorry if you think I missed some ofaire your comments

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Since Annie's attributes are being changed every turn (potentially), a reminder needs to be placed on her attribute.  Add this the end of her Heroic Ability:

"Place your hero token on the chosen attribute as a reminder."

Her Heroic Feat could (should?) be related to her Hero Ability, in my opinion.  One potential option could be:

"Choose a hero in your line of sight that has failed an attribute test.  You may perform the attribute test again instead of the chosen hero.  Game effects from the test remain with the chosen hero."


As mentioned, since his Heroic Feat could be potentially game-breaking, adding a restriction would be appropriate:

"for each other hero within 3 spaces of you" solves this problem.  Alternatively, "for each other hero in your line of sight" could also be appropriate. 


This one is more of a personal preference of mine as the rules specifically state that when you perform a stand up action, your turn immediately ends.  In my custom classes I add this verbiage so as to reduce ambiguity (even though the ability modifies the stated rules):

"When you perform a stand up action your turn does not immediately end and …"

I'm not really a big fan of his Heroic Ability.  As a Warrior archetype and keeping theme in mind, I would recommend either a defensive or offense Heroic Feat.  A couple proposals for you to consider:

"Use this card when you are defeated.  While you are knocked out, each hero adjacent to you adds one black die to his defense pool." (I chose a black die instead of gray as it is his default defense die) or, 

"Use this card when you are defeated and roll two red power dice.  Each monster within two spaces of you suffers Ht equal to the Ht rolled." (I chose two spaces instead of three to account for monsters within melee attack range only).

Just my thoughts for your consideration.

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I tough for Aeon her ability as
While you are defeated, each other hero within 3 spaces of you add 2 shield to each of his defense results

But i'm not so sure.

A single reroll test for her feat ? Not strong enough to my opinion and raythen already does something like this as his basic ability


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