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First of all, sorry for my English; I'm from Spain and here I am, trying to ask about a little doubt about those 2 expansions. 
The question is fast and easy: Mythos cards from Unseen Forces must be mixed with Gates of Arkham ones?
In UF Manual, it gives instructions about Mythos cards, but at the moment this expansion was released, there weren't any other expansions. However, in GoA Manual, the only reference i can find is the part in wich  we're instructed to change Mythos cards from the Base game with the new Mythos deck.
So, if we follow what is literally written in instructions, AF Mythos cards shouldn't get mixed with the ones from GoA. But, if you read the instructions given in UF Manual, you should be able to add them to any Mythos deck.
I've searched for an official response, or anything in the FAQs in both English and Spanish... But no. There is no answer about this, as if nobody had asked this before. And i find it unusual, because it can change the game itself; they are part of the game and I think it's important to know if they should be, or not, in a regular game of GoA (of course, if you have the expansion).

So, does anyone know if there is any officil answer to my question, or how does it work? I would appreciate personal opinions too, but if there were any method to get an official answer, i would be grateful to know about it. It's a detail i find important.
Thank you and again, sorry for my English. If you don't understand anything, let me know and i would try to  explain a bit better... ^^U

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Gates of Arkham started what I would call a "reboot" of the Elder Sign game.

GoA and each subsequent expansion is more akin of a standalone game than an actual expansion.
Each of this expansions only uses its own mythos deck.

I don't know if there's an official answer but I'm certain you aren't intended to mix Unseen Forces mythos with Gates of Arkham mythos.
That mythos decks is specifically crafted to have a lot of interactions with expansion's mechanisms, like gates.
Mixing Unseen Forces in would dilute those effects.

But I would advise you to check it yourself. Play a few Gates of Arkham games without Unseen Forces mythos, then play a few games with them.
Then you'll be able to tell which experience you prefer. You might eventually decide that some of the Unseen Forces mythos cards are fitting leaving out the others.

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I'm sure you're right; thank you, very much. 
I've played until now mixing both Mythos decks (and it was hard and funny -harder with the red Mythos cards xD -) but re-reading the rules a doubt about that came to me and, after a midly-long search in these forums, i decided to ask, directly, creating this thread.
Since i have some free time these days, for sure i'll follow your advice (i'll give a try to both kind of games); but considering that there isn't any FAQs related to this and that you have explained everything really well reasoned, i don't have any reasons to doubt about what you explained. So i, probably, will play one or two more with both Mythos decks mixed by focusing my attention on the result (to notice what you say) and then i'll remove the cards from UF. So, I'll see better that difference that you've commented.
Thank you, very much, for everything! ^^

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