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Codex card 46 "Working an Angle"

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17 minutes ago, Robots1910 said:

Can I use the action listed at the bottom of this card on a monster that I am engaged with? Rules reference 428.5 says not. Am I reading that correctly?


Ug.  They still haven't posted the rules for Dead of Night.  I know what you're talking about, but I don't have the rulebooks or card in front of me.  The RR says:


"428.5 While you are engaged with one or more monsters, the only actions you can perform are the attack action, the evade action, the focus action, and any action that is specifically allowed while you are engaged."

I don't believe the Codex card in question says "you may perform this action while you are engaged" but I can't promise that.  Seems like a worthy FAQ.  I'll look into it further.

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