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Magic - Conjure a wall

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you might know that in DnD 5e there are stells creating a wall (to separate enemies and fight one at a time). In DnD you count squares whereas in Genesys abstract positioning are used. 

How would you set the difficulty to Conjure a wall (and in essence divide a range band into two)? Any specifc rules you use?

on page 217 of the core rulebook we have an indication for creatures/silhouettes and range.

any ideas?

in advance thank you very much for your reply.


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I would duplicate the silhouette rules. Also add additional targets if you want a really big wall :) If you want some material other then whats ready available you could add a difficulty. Like change from earth/stone to metal or fire or something else or again leave this for additional summons and spend advantages to give it other properties. 

Grand summon is silhouette 3 which giant size or like the size of a jet fighter plane this should imo cover most dungeon like hallways etc. If in a really big space maybe require some advantages to summon additional walls. 

Depending on the height etc. you could argue to climb over the wall see page 110 of the GCRB for impassable terrain also depending on the size, material and again narration a GM could argue that a creature could smash the wall at a difficulty maybe even a opposed check many options. 

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