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Does Andira Runehand's Hero ability trigger Zealous Aura?

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Hey guys,

I'm playing Andira Runehand as Crusader and was wondering if her hero ability can trigger the Zealous Aura skill.

Her hero ability says:

"Each time a hero within 3 spaces of you suffers 1 or more hearts from an attack, the figure that performed the attack suffers 1 heart." 

Zealous Aura:

" While this card is exhausted, each time a hero within 3 spaces defeats a monster, that hero recovers 2 Heart. "

So, if the monster dies because of the damage from Andira's ability, does that count as being defeated by Andira? Will that trigger Zealous Aura?

Any thoughts?

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Yes, if Andira has Zealous Aura exhausted in her turn and a monster is defeated by her Hero ability during its activation, Andira would recover 2 HP from Zealous Aura.

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