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Wedge and Norra are BACK

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2 hours ago, LagJanson said:

Better writing style to most (not all) of the newer works. Interesting passage. I’m interested, but not among my first purchases 

Really?  I thought it was awful.  The dialogue particularly; it was stilted and unnatural.  

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35 minutes ago, Hawkstrike said:

Stackpole writes Wedge better.

It's a shame Aaron Allston passed ... he was better than Stackpole.


This Wedge is not the same as the old Wedge of Stackpole and Allston days. He had a harsher life post-Endor. It’s unfair to direct cast comparisons.

Stackpole tends to fixate on characters to the point that they're... well... Corran Horn. Victor Davion. He's pretty good at storytelling though, so don’t think I’m bashing him.  Just keep things in perspective.

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In T-65s, no less! No, you can't have them, Resistance scum.

Actually, I'm thinking not everything in Ep IX will be necessarily "Resistance" or "First Order." Some of these are just Rebels that are joining the fray at some point. Clearly there are larger forces at play here...

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