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Survival: what about the nuclear power plants?? (Semi serious what-if)

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I live in the north-east us. There are alot of people and a surprisingly large amount of nuclear power plants. My plan has largely been to figure out how to shelter in place or somewhere more dependable. The one problem I have with any plan is- if there is a situation that things rapidly deteriorate-

  1. Do nuclear power plants have a self drive "wind down"?

  2. If not- does this mean that if no one is there to take a plant offline then a melt down is imminent?

  3. Prevailing logic would dictate that fallout generally travels east... What is a long term survivable radius?

  4. Do any of you have plans that take this into account?? Hypothetically speaking-https://sarkariresult.onl/ Mobdro https://pnrstatus.vip/

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Heh, you may be better served by the Zombie Squad. Seriously. Good community if you're genuinely interested in preparedness. I haven't been there in years, but looks to still be somewhat active.

RE: 1. And 2. I don't know much about nuclear power plants, but I do know a bit about more conventional power plants (fossil fuels) and other industrial facilities (like refineries), and they tend to be engineered to "fail safe". I couldn't begin to speculate what that would look like for a nuclear power plant, but I have to imagine that the US at least is not still using Soviet-era technology...

I googled "nuclear safety since Chernobyl", and this was one of the first articles to come up. Might be worth a read for you.

3. There's been a lot of research into this in the wake of Chernobyl and Fukushima. If this is something you are genuinely concerned about, you should research it for yourself. "exclusion zone" might be a good word to know/search.

4. I personally figure that a catastrophic "over night" large-scale (like, National-scale) SHTF scenario is very very unlikely, and so the vast majority of my planning revolves around local, overnight but shorter-term (fire/natural disaster, local civil unrest) and more gradual longer term (financial disaster) emergencies. And with those two strategies combined, I figured I have something close to a zombie apocalypse, or nuclear meltdown plan. If nuclear power was present in my area, I would certainly consider it's implications for my preparedness.

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