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Arkham Nights 2019 General Complaint

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Not to be too needy, but I have a pair of complaints about the way Arkham Nights 2019 was run in relation to previous years.

First, the available space.  I know the room is finite, but with all of the other events going around, the majority of "free" player space were the tables where the Blob event was run.  I know this is due to the unknown number of players participating in the Blob, but it felt uninviting to actually play anything else.  We just plopped down on the second day amidst its running as there were fewer players in those games.  Still, it felt like we were intruding on reserved game space.

Second, the special event waiting line.  On the second day, those first through the doors were able to reserve all of the spaces at the 10am, 11, am, 12pm, 1pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, and 9pm games.  This was coupled with it being behind the Card Council cards line.  So, after waiting in line for 50 minutes (53 if you're particular (there are fairly large clocks posted in both rooms)), we received interesting cards and got to learn that there where no additional slots open in Mansions, the AH 3e Arkham Nights Exclusive Scenario, or Wrath of the Gods available for the remainder of the day.  By the noon o'clock (or maybe the 1pm) time slots, there were numerous no-shows and they had to work their way down the waiting lists.

In previous years, the signup sheets were put out approximately an hour before the given game - after the first wave of games which operated identically to those above.

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