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Imperial Assault Map Creator

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Today I found something really interesting.

IA MAP Creator on Booardgamegeek

It still can be polished a bit, but this is something I've been waiting for a long time.
IAMapCreator's work and s/he deserve all the credit!

That is all :)

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Thank you very much for your initiative.
As you offer the opportunity to contact you in your help file, I do it!
As I am not an english native my english is not perfect.
So I apologize of this.
In fact, I have some wishes in order to improve your tool and make it easier to use.
1°) - It would be great to be able to select an already posed map component (many step before the actual one on order to make it become red again): to move (Tile/Pixel), delete, rotate.
Without this, it is quite frustrating to put a piece of the map, to place another piece and say: "Oh I would like to delete the 
previous piece of map"...But I can not!
Note: in the help it was written:
"Once you add more tiles to the map, you can select between different tiles by clicking on their respective name in the Tiles selector view."
But that does not work....
2°) - It is not very easy to place with keyboard a new piece of the map.
I'm french and my keyboard AZERTY is not very efficient with the keys: A,W,D,S. The arrows on the right would be easier to use for move the tiles for everyone however keyboard used.
i.e: Azerty keyboard extract:
a: left
d: right
s: down
w: up
3°) - The biggest problem for me comes from the uncapability to zoom where I want (+ or -).
In fact, if I try to do big maps, I am rapidely blocked because I can not go to the part of the map that have an interest for me (down & right as an example).
In fact, at present, zoom is always center on the upper left corner of the windows whatever I try to do...
If I want to add new piece of the map on the right I am bound to work with a dezoom map and it is quite difficult to connect precisely two pieces of the map in such mode because pieces are very very small.
4°) - In the video, you show the capability to set the Background to different colour even to use the invisible possibility.
But the version 1.3 seems not allow this. I have downloaded it from:
Is it the right site   and the last version ?
Thank you very much for all the time you spent making this tool usable. And so, help to prevent the excellent game "Imperial Assault" from dying.
Kindest regards,

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8 hours ago, a1bert said:

If 64dpi is good enough, you can also use the Vassal Imperial Assault Campaign module to build maps.


Edit: it's not Ace_of_Spades' app, just reported it here. See the information in the BGG link provided.

Thank you @a1bert !

Sorry for the misunderstanding ! @Ace_of_Spades


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@a1bert , I need some help !

I have juste downloaded the Vassal files from The BGG page !

And I open the 1.11 module (because there is a save file for this version).









But the screen remains desperately empty...

How to download an existing map ?

Can you help me ?

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