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What to do for prime championships?

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So, since this is the very last season of Imperial Assault :( I decided that I would try my hardest to make it to the closest Prime Championship, Springfield Ohio. What maps are in the rotation, and do you guys have any advice for building a competitive team? If you guys would be so kind as to submit lists from each faction, that woud be much appreciated. I think I'll be doing a Rebel List, but I will wait and see what you guys have to say. Who are the best support characters? Whats the best Unique to Disposable ratio of figures? Any and all help/advice will be taken into account. 


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The current map pool is Tarkin Initiative Labs, Lothal Wastes, and Coruscant Back Alleys, but I would not be surprised if Tarkin rotates out before Primes get started.

As for lists, my vote for the current best Rebel list is some variant of Han/Drokkatta/Sabine. I'd try something like this:


If you want, the Alliance Smuggler could be dropped for your favorite two 1-point skirmish upgrades. Extra Armor and Doubt are probably reasonable choices.

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