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In case you wondered what the RitR map looks like magnetized...

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What we've got here is a simple cut of unfinished 16-gauge steel from the local steelcutter (also many sign shops will be able to do the same, maybe auto shops) - about $30 in metal for that.  PROBABLY don't need 16-gauge, but I wanted it thick so the magnets would definitely stick through various thicknesses of backing (which I didn't end up using - I just liked the look of the bare metal so much).

20" x 28" poster frame I already had - obviously you can go a lot smaller if you just want to frame the map directly (it's 18" x 24" on its own - and I notice Home Depot sells some 6" x 24" steel strips pretty cheap...I would imagine three of those could work instead?)

And then the magnets are these guys - $10 for 120 of them.  I'd caveat this with the note that I'm not entirely happy with the magnets.  The size is mostly right, it's just the beveling - it gives you a flat surface on the top just a FRACTION of a millimeter less than ideal.  Some of them you can get the stickers dead-center on...some not so much, and even the slightest drift from perfection, and a hair of the sticker will be dangling a bit in the air, just catching your finger every time you move it or flip it.


Ultimately, I only used a portion of the magnets - was originally going to do one-sticker-to-magnet, but decided pretty quickly I could just sticker both sides (Empire vs Rebel for influence and for bases) and simply flip the magnet when control changes.

Overall, I have to say - pretty happy with how it came out!  Took a bit of reinforcing the hanging system to get it up, though - 16 gauge at 20" x 28" with 30 magnets on it weighs a bit.  Roughly 12lbs...!

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On 10/8/2019 at 10:05 PM, RobertK said:

Looks tremendous!

I'll assume this speaks to quality, rather than size!  😎

The whole thing with frame is about 22" by 30", so...basically far smaller than most TVs.  But it does look hella cool hanging on a wall, I must say - that exposed steel definitely catches the eye.

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