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Worlds Survey: How right were we?

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16 hours ago, wurms said:

Keep em comin!

Quick preview (will post all results after this weekend): seems like Turr Phennir has a fan club!


yeah cuz he's the most useless of them all. 


How much should we pay for Turr? I really wanna say 34 lol. 

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On 10/14/2019 at 2:56 PM, Blail Blerg said:

Where's mah data @wurms :D


Seems like Empire is expected to be a large part of the field. Vaders, Soontirs, and Inquisitors, OH MY!

ANSWER: Dont have all the data, but it looked to me like Empire was most represented followed by republic.




A lot of faith in the first order. Kylo is good. Will it be Kylo Double Ups?





Seems like Sun Fac has made an impression on the majority and he will do something at Worlds.




Not a lot of hope for Scum. Their competitive list choices are slim, apparently. Perhaps a hidden gem will emerge?

ANSWER: YES, Two made top 4!!!



Wow, only 6 people who still have Dengaraoo nightmares. Not looking good for Dengar.




Hate is real for regen jedi. Not much fun in watching a hit and run match, apparently.



Turr Phennir fan club is for realz. Lets get him on stream, round 1! 




This was near 50/50 split. Just gonna have to wait and see. I think one will sneak into top 16. Rebel beef with a snapshot Wedge or something. Or maybe a snapping ywing with cody and some regen jedi.

ANSWER: I was right, one snuck into the top16. AND IS THAT JOSTERO!!!?!?!?!?!?!

Niklas God-Nilsson (1B) 5 1920 0.58 Captain Jostero
Cartel Marauder
Torkil Mux + Proton Bombs + Moldy Crow
Torani Kulda + Snap Shot + R5-P8





Two Ace + Support is the favorite (aka Palp Aces, Vader Hatchetman Jendon, etc.). Trip Aces is a close 2nd. Not a single vote for Alpha Strike even though it made Australia System Open Finals?!?!

ANSWER: Trip Aces!

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