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Entry into legacy: City of Traitors decks?

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Hi, I'm currently thinking about buying back into legacy, as I've always loved the format. I have played a few years ago with Enchantress, which was a really fun deck but when Leovold came up in my local meta it wasn't really fun anymore...

As Enchantress still isn't really competetive (right?) and I'd prefer a deck that can win if I run hot I also want to play amn upcoming GP with the deck and dont want to get completely stomped there. I've been eyeing Mono Red Prison, as I've always loved the idea of the deck. Budget is a big concern for me, but Prison would probably be doable. Owning a playset of City of Traitors also opens up a path to Eldrazi Stompy and Red Eldrazi (this looks really fun!), if I get bored of playing Prison.uc browser shareit appvn

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