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One year of IA painting!

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Hello! I've been slowly chipping my way through the IA miniatures my group owns over the past year since we started playing, and... I'm nowhere near done. But I thought I would post the progress I've made so far. Comments and suggestions would be very much appreciated!




Starting with some Imperial forces. Someday the completionist in me is going to have to return to the last squad of Stormtroopers, but it is not this day.


The heroes of our first campaign, showing a little bit of battle damage.


And the heroes from our second campaign (plus Diala). I was really proud of my work on Gideon especially, but man these three were a pain to play imperial against!


These guys are a nice little painting clinic- I'm excited to paint the elite ones to see how my highlighting has improved!


Meanwhile painting the second E-Webb is very low on my priority list.




That's all from the core set. Luke and Darth Vader both seem like they would be tricky to get right, so I've put them off.


Hoth heroes! Loku might be tied with Diala for my favorite hero mini.



Despite being such a simple and easy paint, these are some of my favorites.



Finally, some Coruscant minis. I only noticed today that I interpreted the map gridlines as part of the actual tile pattern, haha


Lastly, my current progress on the Coruscant heroes.

Thanks for viewing!

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Phenomenal! Your snowtroopers are great. I've got some more pics to post to my thread as I've been working my way through the Core Set as well. Just started work on the Trandoshans but they probably won't come out as well as yours!

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Thanks for the feedback! I haven't had too much time for painting in the last months, but I'm happy to share my most recent miniatures.


The Coruscant heroes, finished just in time for the campaign finale. The red carpeting on the bases was an unusual choice, and will certainly stand out in non-Coruscant campaigns, but I like the end effect.


After the heroes I wanted to paint something simple again. They're not much different than my first set- even with practice, highlighting takes a lot of patience. But I'm hoping for gradual improvement.


Lastly, my first massive figure! I use brush on primer and varnish, so a figure like this gets time consuming. 


Following Sorastro, I tried to represent a strong light source on one side of the tank. But I'm not sure how best to photograph it then- is it cheating to place the real light source where the fictional one should be?


We've finally reached the point where the majority of figures in any given campaign mission are painted, but there's still plenty to do. I've avoided a lot of the named film characters so far because they're a little more intimidating to paint, but I think I'm about ready to get around to them.

Thanks for viewing!

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Hey everyone! With the current situation I've been able to paint a lot, but unfortunately I can't bring my work to the table to show everyone as we've moved over to vassal. Hopefully posting them here can make up for it!


Finally painted Darth Vader! I was torn on whether to use gloss varnish on the helmet, and in the end it clashes a bit with the painted on highlights. But overall I'm happy with the result.



These guys took me a long time due to the white clothing. I ended up painting a lot of highlighting layers that were probably unnecessary- the white paint I was using dries a bit darker than it appears going on. I figured the facial hair on trooper #2 would fit in well with the OT rebels...



With these ones I was really trying to bring out the colour gradient on the metal sections as well as putting in some exaggerated edge highlights on the blue. Our current Hoth campaign imperial player loves using HKs so I'm especially sad I can't put these on the table!


Lastly, I finished these persistent Rhodians a long time ago but apparently forgot to include them in my original post. Looking back I like what I went for with #2; I don't think I was quite able to pull off the official pink colour scheme.

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