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New Thrawn Trilogy 2020

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20 hours ago, RyantheFett said:

The most consistent (or believable) rumors I have seen (taken with a huge grain of salt) is that we are getting a sequel to Rebels that takes place in the unknown regions. Or more precisely in Chiss space as our heroes  fight the powerful Vong Grysk.

This works out in a few ways (combination of rumors and speculation:

  • Allows Sabine, Ezra, Ahsoka, Rex, and Thrawn to continue to be major players in a huge war without messing with the New Republic. Also allows characters/stories to jump around as need be between the series.
  • Makes the Zahn's book make more sense since they were all about setting up both the Chiss/Grysk conflict and showing how major of a threat this new unknown power is.
  • Mando season 2 rumors (seems super confirmed this part) that Rex, Ahsoka, and Sabine are passing thought in an episode. Which lines up with how the new series would start with those three l.
  • Greatly opens up a new part of Star Wars that is not touched by the PT or the ST hate. (Of course this is the Star Wars fandom and a lot of people really hate how Gary Stu Thrawn is)


I'm very OK with the new content exploring the few years after RotJ.

And those Grysk... they got potential.

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