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I find myself constantly returning to this game. I find it nails down several of my Lord of the Rings requisites. 


A feeling of traveling in the specific region.  


 A story that slowly unfolds.


Branching paths in the story (your choices change the outcome).


Thematically appropriate mechanics coupled with immersive interactions with the other players.


The last point in its favor,  it’s easy gameplay and intuitive rules make the hurdle of learning the rules, so disagreeable to new players,  almost nonexistent. Unlike Middle Earth Quest, War of the Ring, & The Battle of Five Armies, I can teach & play the game in under two hours. I am very hopeful that a great many expansions are in the pipeline, but am very pleased with the core product as it stands. I must here confess that I abandoned the Lord of the Rings LCG for the simple reason that I felt it was too abstract. I wanted a sense of location; in a word, a map! & so I have been savoring Hunt for the Ring and Journeys in Middle Earth with keen and regular satisfaction.

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Nice that you have found a game that suits you!

my favorite still is and will be Dune ccg... very complex and not so easy to teach game. But yeah I can see why you like this game. I Also think that the best partys of Jime Are that it is easy to teach. There is a campaign, but it is not super long and that Gaming skills definitely affect the outcome of the game, so definitely a luckfest like some easier games sometimes Are.

i am quite sure that we will see Many expansions... if the LoTR Lcg tells us anything! Hopefully at slower rate than in Lcg models. Or this could get very expensive very soon.

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Posted (edited)

Agreed, the great story telling and simple game play are big draws for me.  I'm really enjoying the experience.  Painting the figures has also been very enjoyable.  Teaching the game to my gaming group is a breeze as well.

However, one item I wish this game had that Imperial Assault has is the side quest system.  The straight linear campaign is fun but the side quest mechanic of Imperial Assault really add some nice variety to the game play.  I would love to see a similar system implemented to add either back story quests to the heroes or more expansive quests in the area we are adventuring in.

If we ever see Moria - maybe Gimli has a side quest to hunt for Balin's old armor - something like that.



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