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Making a Cloud City Sourcebook a la Blades in the Dark.

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I have in mind a project and I am looking to see if anybody else has any interest in participating in. The idea is to take Blades in the Dark...and use the locations, factions and NPCs from that setting as a template and then overlay that template "over" the Cloud City of Bespin to create a setting source book for that city that would be system neutral (or perhaps create stats later).


I am need of people who can write some good flavor texts etc. as that is not my strong point. I think that a fair amount of narrative guidance exists in the Blades book to keep everything from having to be created whole cloth. Fleshing out the physical locations and factions will take a little more creative work and maybe someone(s) with more "technical knowledge". The idea is to eventually share the work with the world at large once the work is done. 


I see this as a long term project and only want people responding that can participate in the work...so skills writing, editing, proof reading and possibly layout would be welcome. I would like to be getting started on this in November. 


Also, tt might not be that difficult to either figure out a mail merge (never done that) or a "search and replace" proper nouns to convert the same setting to work for Android…or have the tools to apply to any other sci-fi setting.


I am thinking about putting this into a Zine format with perhaps multiple booklets.

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I have my own projects to work on, but a few questions that might help you in gathering interest if answered:


- What is Blades In The Dark and why do you think it would be a good fit for converting to Cloud City? I had never heard of it and gave it a quick Google but a few lines covering this should probably be in your pitch.

- You say you need writers, editors, proof-readers and layout designers, etc. Which areas of the project will you be covering?

- You say this would be a long-term project, but can you give a few more specifics on what you would be expecting of volunteers in terms of approximate page count, etc.


Good luck with the project!

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What Blades a good model to use:

1. It is very much steeped into an urban dystopian city and it is very easy to cover districts over to any other city.

2. There is a tremendous number of NPCs/locations/factions that have very evocative write ups.  The numerous ties that players can have make it much simpler to create situations on the fly with very interesting  individuals

3. The Factions are each set up with numerous allies/enemies.

4. The elements are set up in such a way that GMs can easily create powder keg situations.

Why Bespin?

1. It is a contained environment - Players are not just flying off to avoid trouble.

2. It is both a large enough city to provide a variety of situations and people (unlike Mos Eisley) but not crazy large like Coruscant.   

What will I do?
1. If nobody volunteers? Everything. This is something I have been wanting to do for about six months.  I have been working on some personal zines to get into some practice.  I would like to think I will have something out in maybe six months. 

2. If additional people volunteer?  Depends on how many and what they want to do.   If enough people are good at writing then I would step away from that portion and fill in the rest. If an army of people volunteer, then I will provide the direction and organization of the team. 

Expectations of people?

I don't have expectations of people.  There is nothing that I cannot technically do (I may not be the best at it, but I can at least fake it) . Anything that a person contributes will put me further ahead.  If anybody is late on something they volunteered to do, I (or somebody) will simply do that task. 

  • The first step will to break Bespin into logical sections - with each section providing a different kind of feel 
  • Then we will need to look at the factions,  and either think of an analogue or write them up. Those will need to be tied to various city sections. 
  • Also we need to look at various additional NPCs - such as "vice" purveyors 

Some additional things that might be nice:

  • Some mission generators based on the types of jobs the players want to do.
  • A separate NPC book with stats


So much of Blades already provides a template. Simply making analogues (this district in Duskov equals this section in Cloud City, and this nationality equates to this Star Wars species) can do much of the creative lifting of the load. 





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@Demon4x4 : No, I am not planning a haunted or horror laden theme. 

@A7T:   I would be shying away from canon. If necessary, putting it in the most uninteresting period of time.  The intent of the setting is to be both open and disposable.  In other words, the setting should be wide open for the GM and the players to do as they please and not feel bound to keep canon.  


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This sounds like a really cool project.  I would go into the BLADES hacking resources out there to compare this project to others out there.  (https://bladesinthedark.com/fan-creations)  BAND OF BLADES and KARMA IN THE DARK are some prominent examples, but there are many others.

If it's still a route you want to go down, and are looking for collaborators, count me interested!  I did some work for Rancor Publishing Group and on some Kickstarted RPGs back in the day.

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