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2019 VASSAL Autumn Tourney is over!

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Answers to questions

1. What happens first after Demolisher Movement? Fighter Coordination Team or Demolisher attack?
The player decides in which order to resolve.


2. What happens first after squadron-activation of a Lambda Shuttle? Strategic token movement or the attack of the lambda?

A strategic token can only be moved when the lambda shuttle itself has moved (even if this is when it is picked up and placed back down in the same spot). Meaning if it is engaged, it cannot move and thus, cannot move a token.
Otherwise the Lambda follows the usual benefit of being activated by a squadron command, it can choose to move and/or shoot in either order.

3. Can Moralo (triggered by a token movement) attack and then move? Or is it just move and then attack?

He can choose to move and/or shoot in either order.

4. Are we considering ace Lando’s reroll ability as occurring within the spend defense tokens step for this event?

As per usual when spending defense tokens to produce an effect, the only time this can occur is in the spend defense token step.
Meaning, Lando can only choose to use his ability if he has access to his defense tokens to spend and are not locked by Accuracies, or otherwise prevented from spending a defense token.

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Fleet submitted with less than 9 hours to tinker with...LOL.


Edit: Resubmitted cuz I am tinkering now... ***sigh***...less than 7 hours left to tinker some more...

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I'm only missing a fleet submission from @RealVeers
You have 45 minutes to submit your list. Otherwise I am currently doing reviews and final checks of all submitted lists

I got one more question 

Are there any restrictions on where Ezra Bridger can move an obstacle to? Can it be slid underneath a ship or say a proximity mine to be dragged to the rift?

All obstacles when moving follow the rules as explained in the Rebellion in the Rim RRG. Meaning no, an obstacle cannot be moved and placed underneath a ship.
As for the answer to your 2nd question, please watch the following from 14:44 until 18:50


If I've missed any questions, or more come up, please feel free to post here or PM me.

I will be posting up fleet lists soon, if you see something in ERROR with your list. PLEASE inform me right away so it can be corrected.

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Here is the current list of fleets that have been submitted, again every player, please review your list and ensure it is correct, all players will have 24 hours to PM me to correct any errors, otherwise the tournament will proceed.


Tournament Pairings are as follows 

Round 1 HAS STARTED! IT ENDS Oct 19th and matches need to be submitted to the following https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/301060-2019-vassal-autumn-tournament-report/ ,

Round 2 will start either when all matches are complete or on Oct 19th

Beginner2Winner vs Zamalekite at table 1
Green Squadron 3 vs SkyCake at table 2
LTD vs Roquax at table 3
Order66 Beta vs machinebede1 at table 4
BrobaFett vs The Jabbawookie at table 5
deDios vs Keskai at table 6
Rikash vs medaloffairness at table 7
Beanicus vs Angry Ewok at table 8
jp82729 vs stephen_harris70 at table 9
187-Leon vs RapidReload at table 10
CommanderDave vs ChavoGuerrero at table 11
Cael vs TigerKommandant at table 12
Realadmiralsdoitinspace vs xanderf at table 13
Irishmadcat vs itzSteve at table 14
Karneck vs realveers
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Thanks @Karneck

I had a look at all the fleets. Quite a nice mix! 

Imperial 14
Rebel 14
Sloane 4
Thrawn 3
Jerjerrod 3
Piett 2
Ozzel 1
Konstantine 1
Raddus 4
Dadonna 3
Rieekan 3
Ackbar 2
Sato 2
Moralo 1
Yavaris 3
2-ship/ 2-1/2 ship 3
Demolisher 4
Avenger 3
There are as many VSDs as ISDs on the field! And nearly as many Interdictors :)

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Updated the fleet lists to add my list and RealVeers list.

So far I just need @stephen_harris70 to PM me his correction to his list and everything should be good to go. All other corrections have been made and we already have one battle concluded!


RealVeers and I should be playing 8PM PST Tuesday (For me) which is 5am (Wednesday) for him


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On 10/12/2019 at 2:49 AM, Zamalekite said:


THAT one is the big surprise to me, actually.  Given this particular play format lets you run it for "free", I was rather expecting to see a lot more of them as people sort of 'demo' it in a tournament to decide if they want to make the purchase or not.

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So far pretty much half of the tables have their games concluded, we're well on our way! I know there are quite a few more games playing in the next 2-3 days as well.

As added incentive, the sooner round 1 concludes, the sooner round 2 starts which means that players could see more days in which to play their games for the rounds.

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