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2019 VASSAL Autumn Tourney is over!

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It is time for a big tourney to end 2019 and lead us in to the Vassal World Cup!

The 2019 VASSAL Autumn Tourney is about to begin!
To sign up, simply post below saying "I want to sign up!". Please understand, this is a dedicated time commitment on your part, so please only sign up if you have the time available to play, understand you MAY be matched with someone hours outside of your timezone as all players from the world over are encouraged to play. There is a hard cap of 40 players for this tournament, with the Top 4 getting an automatic entry into the 2020 World Cup (if they don't already have one).
Not sure what vassal is or how to play? No problem! Watch my tutorial videos to install and get started! All players are welcome to play new and old!


Structure:  Custom - Swiss Rounds, with 4 Rounds, followed by a cut of top 8 / 3 Rounds of Swiss, extended time to complete games.
One week per round, given for each game.
Tier:  Premier - "Premier events are the highest level of competition for Fantasy Flight Games tournaments. At this top level of tournaments, players are expected to have a moderate amount of experience.  Players should be familiar with not only the game rules, but also the FAQ and tournament regulations. The focus is on a competitive and fair environment."

Leader Roles:

TO/Marshal: @Karneck (SWAE)

Judges: @Drasnighta

If you have a question at ANY TIME, please feel free to post here and @ either myself or @Drasnighta
If you have a question that comes up DURING gameplay, post here and @ us, however you will likely get a much FASTER response if you contact us on the star wars armada discord. Please post in the "current tournament" with your questions on any ruling needs. Again, please be sure to @ us. If we cannot get to you right away, others should be able to assist, ultimately players have gotten along fine before, and I will continue to assume the same standard of professionalism we've come to enjoy.  

All ships, squadrons, objectives, and upgrade cards up to and including Rebellion in the Rim are LEGAL for play.

Rules being used for construction of lists and questions throughout the game will be based on the most recent FAQ and Tournament Rules, with a special FAQ by myself (Karneck) for not-yet-FAQ'd cards.  so PM or post here and @ me with your question. I understand vassal does NOT have all the new upgrade cards, squadrons, or obstacles. Not having the upgrade or squadrons cards are easy work arounds, not having obstacles is another issue that I have not yet reached a decision on. However, a decision or work-around WILL be made by Oct. 5th on how to proceed.

400 points total maximum for your list, with a maximum of 1/3 (134 points) of the list being squadrons.  Each player must have one of each type of objective (Offensive / Defensive / Navigation).  Link to post your list is below.  Lists (minus objectives) will then be posted by the Organizer for public viewing by the start of play. Feel free to resubmit a new fleet at any point up until the deadline. Your latest submission will be used.


Scoring: Standard scoring from the tourney regs (Swiss rounds). 

No show: If a player fails to log on for a scheduled match his opponent receives the win (8 tournament points and 140 MoV).

Conceding: If a player concedes, his opponent scores a win (8 tournament points and 140 MoV during Swiss). If, however, the winner would score MORE as calculated from the end state of a game in play, the winner scores that number of tournament points and MoV instead. Either player has the opportunity to concede to their opponent if they are unable to schedule and believe they are more to blame for the scheduling conflict, which will result in an 8-point win (140 MOV) for the other player, and a 1-point loss for the conceding player.  Players are encouraged to post their scheduled games to the thread once they agree to a game time.  A no-show by either player for a scheduled game will result in a 1-point loss for that player, and an 8 point victory for their opponent, with 140 point MOV.

Failure to schedule: If players are unable to schedule a game, they both receive a loss (1 tournament point and 0 MoV). If it's clearly the fault of one of the players, it counts as a no show for that player instead.

Extensions: No extensions will be granted; a week should be enough for each round.

Saving and resuming: If a match cannot be completed in one sitting, it's OK to save and resume at a later date IF BOTH PLAYERS AGREE. If they can't agree, one player must concede. It is therefore a good idea to establish for how long both parties can play before starting the match. This rule also applies if one player suddenly has a RL interruption and must leave.



When a squadron activates, signal activation by toggling the activation slider immediately. Do NOT wait until the squad is done activating.

When a squad is chosen to be activated, IT CANNOT BE UNACTIVATED (So don't fiddle with the activation slider when making choices).

When moving squadrons, players may utilize a SECOND "cloned" squadron with its range/distance overlay (in addition to the distance overlay of the "original" activating squadron), without violating the two-tool rule. A squadron "cloned" in this manner CANNOT toggle range/distance overlay for ANY other squadron or ship (except for the "original") until the "original" is removed/deleted.

Once activated, a squadron must be "moved" and adjusted to its FINAL position within 30 seconds.

Once “moved”, MINOR adjustments in positioning and range/distance overlay checks of any squadron or ship should be done QUICKLY and with INTENTION to then get it into its FINAL position. The squadron then CANNOT be moved again.

Understand that at some points vassal may "Lag" and a player may miss their squadron movement opportunity, it is up to the opponent to decide to allow for any such occurrences.


Slow play is hard to adjudicate on Vassal since we don't use a timer, but 3 hours should be MORE THAN SUFFICIENT to complete a match. If matches take longer than this, one or both players are guilty of slow play.

The most typical (Vassal) mode of slow play is over-measuring and over analyzing. If both players do this on a regular basis, games take forever.

Other examples include taking a long time to decide upon setup, setting new commands slowly, having trouble selecting which ship to activate, constantly fiddling with squadrons' final positions (now illegal), etc.

If you feel your opponent is taking too long CALL HIM OUT IN A POLITE, YET CONCISE MANNER. Just be sure you're not guilty of the same. My point isn't that player should rush; my point is that reasonably fast play is more fun for all. If both players go into the match having speedy play as a goal, this should not be a problem.



Signups are closed!

Finalized Fleet submissions are closed!

Swiss Round 1: Oct 12th - 19th - HAS Finished

Swiss Round 2: Oct 18th - 27th - HAS Finished

Swiss Round 3: Oct 28th - Nov 3rd - HAS Finished

Swiss Round 4: Nov 3rd - Nov 10th - HAS Finished

Top 8 Swiss Round 1: Nov 11th - 17th - HAS Finished

Top 8 Swiss Round 2: Nov 18th - 24rd - HAS Finished

Top 8 Swiss Round 3: Nov 25th - Dec. 1st - HAS Finished

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Fleet Lists - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cxKXvEIzuyePz2PorCaiBuN7Q3MB528P

Event: top 8

Final standings


Rank Name Score MoV SoS

1.JP82729  -23 - 463 - 5.33

2. Zamalekite - 22 - 433 - 5.67

3. Roquax - 20 - 429 - 5.56

4. Green Squadron 3 - 17 - 395 - 4.67

5. Angry Ewok 16 - 234 -4.22

6. Rikash 12 -261 -5.0

7. TigerKommandant - 10 -210 -5.89

8. Karneck - 6 - 0 - 5.67

Rankings Before Cut

Name / Score / MOV

1. TigerKommandant / 33 / 765

2. Karneck / 32 / 819

3. Roquax / 30 / 640

4. The Jabbawookie / 30 / 543 DROPPED

5. Rikash / 29 / 626

6. Angry Ewok / 27 / 571

7. Zamalekite / 27 / 332

8. Green Squadron3 / 26 / 685

9. Jp82729 / 26 / 488



10. ItzSteve / 25 / 470

11. CommanderDave / 25 / 457

12. Realveer / 24 / 509

13. LTD / 24 / 320

14. Order66 Beta / 23 / 447

15. Skycake / 22 / 644

16. 187-Leon / 22 / 526

17. Medaloffairness / 22  / 511

18. Keskai / 19 / 407

19. Dedios / 19 / 186

20. Realadmiralsdoitinspace / 18 / 300

21. BrobaFett / 18/ 280

22. Irishmadcat / 18 / 182

23. Beanicus / 17 / 346

24. Beginner2Winner / 17 / 140

25. ChavoGuerrero / 17 / 14

26. RapidReload / 16 / 0

27. Stephen_Harris / 70 / 0

28. Cael / 12 / 111

29. Machinebede1 / 11 / 0

30. Xanderf / 10  / 39

Edited by Karneck

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2 minutes ago, Zamalekite said:

I do like the more specific rules around squad movement here, thanks! 

One question though - 1 week per round is quite tight! Didn't we do a bit longer per round last year? 


He has Altered the Deal...  Pray he does not Alter it again...

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17 minutes ago, Zamalekite said:

I do like the more specific rules around squad movement here, thanks! 

One question though - 1 week per round is quite tight! Didn't we do a bit longer per round last year? 

The last autumn tournament was run in similar fashion as this, the "world" cup is usually run with much greater flexibility.
This is already an almost 2 month commitment for some players, asking people to dedicate more time only encourages more players to drop later on.

Edited by Karneck

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