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Overall I'm happy with the changes we saw.

RL updates are hitting the problem cards.  Only real questionable power cards that I still see out there are Display of Power, Kuroi Mori, and Magistrate Station and I don't think that they are necessarily RL worthy so much as a minor tweak to power level.

If KM had can't be a stronghold province added it would mean that Phoenix can't just ignore blitz decks so would likely further rein in their dominance.

Display just remove the claim the ring aspect of it and let the Phoenix resolve the ring as if they were the attacker while the Attacker still claims the ring.  Hurts Phoenix being able to monopolize the favor and lets Keeper decks compete against Phoenix.

Magistrate is the toughy.  My initial thought was make the stand only work during conflicts so that you can't as easily double dip with a monster tower, but that may be too oppressive. 

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Putting Miya Satoshi on the list is a good move in my opinion.  I'm glad since I think he was at the epicenter of much of what was considering OP or oppressive.  Taking Niten Master off is real interesting.  I am curious to see what that does to Dragon's standing.

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