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Foxtrot Four

Season 3 Hatamoto Playmats

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So I've been going through things that all clans have in common. Clan Champions, 4 Drops from CotE, Seals, etc. And I personally Do NOT want every Kotei season from here on out to just be more Strongholds on the Hatamoto Playmats. I think that If You Must, than you should do it every off year. Season 4 can be more Strongholds if you must but Season 3? Well... I have a personal request for Season 3..

6 Drop Hatamoto Playmats!! PLEASE!

Winter Court Hosts have beautiful artwork! And I tell you right now, every Kotei will be up to their ears in Dragon Clan players trying and fighting for that Togashi Hoshi playmat! Phoenix players get the Literal Phoenix! The only clan to get the short end of the stick in this set up would be Lion and that's because I'm not a fan of the art [but that's me personally]

So FFG, hear me out, real talk. If you have time, PLEASE take this into consideration! The comment section below is Full [or at least I really hope it is lol] of people who think this is a dope idea!

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