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Pokemon Adventure

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Hey there, I'm brand new but thought I would add this. I put together a Pokemon set using Genesys rules for a group of mine. We didn't play it for very long so I can't say for sure how well it does or doesn't work, but I wanted to share it with the community and maybe get some feedback. Here is the link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-jC3mQbsN5IITx--uOKxercyErUezAQQ

Some notes as to how the rules work:

Trainer Creation - All trainers take human stats which are affected by which city they were born in. This also allows them to choose an alternate starter besides the original three. They can then pick a class from the ones provided and pick career skills per usual Genesys rules.

Wild Encounters - Roll percentile dice depending on the area the PCs are in to select which strength group to use then use a random number generator to select which Pokemon from that group appears. (Optional: if the percentile dice roll doubles, it's a horde encounter.)

Battle System - Both trainers and Pokemon roll initiative. The Pokemon's initiative is based off its speed stat. The Pokemon CANNOT use maneuvers on their turns. They can only use actions (usually to make an attack). On the trainer's turn, you use your maneuvers to give your Pokemon maneuvers. You can have as many Pokemon out as you want, but each additional Pokemon after the first adds an additional setback die to ALL of the trainer's active Pokemon's attacks.

Attacks - Each move is designated as physical, special, or neither. A physical attack is rolled using the Pokemon's physical attack stat and the damage is reduced by the opponent's physical soak. The same applies to special attacks. The difficulty indicates how many times you must upgrade the difficulty of the attack roll for that attack (used in place of accuracy in the games). If an attack is neither physical or special, roll the force die from the Star Wars RPG (called the luck die in this version). If you get good luck (any white result), the attack succeeds. AQ stands for Attack Quality and can be triggered with 2 advantage. If a move is super effective, the base damage is doubled (which might be broken as the game progresses); the base damage is halved if the attack is not very effective.

Badges - Gym badges are used to upgrade your Pokemon's attack rolls and give extra stat bonuses.

Catch Rate - Roll percentile die. If the result is LESS THAN the Pokemon's catch rate, you succeed. Getting the Pokemon below half health is +10 to the Pokemon's catch rate and an additional +10 when the Pokemon is at 1/4 health or lower. Great Balls and Ultra Balls add an additional +10 and +20 respectively.

Level - Any Pokemon involved in a battle earns 1 level at the end of the battle. Level does not affect the Pokemon's stats, but is used to learn new moves and evolve.

Move Sets - Any move a Pokemon has learned, it knows forever unless it is forgotten through some other means. There is no 4 move limit.

Pokemon Skills - If the game calls for a Pokemon to make a skill check (such as using Athletics to swim), use the trainer's skill (tied to the trainer's characteristic) instead. This signifies the bond between trainer and Pokemon and how Pokemon take after their trainer's personality.


I'm sure there are some things I missed and there are probably a few flaws and loopholes with the system. I also haven't gotten to make an equipment sheet yet. Hopefully this is useful to some of you. Let me know what you think.


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My wife is also working on one for Genesys system, if it goes anywhere I will post what we have too.  Right now its still in planning stages to see how we can handle some of the more complicated parts of Pokemon, or at least address them in system.

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