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Samuel Richard

Stealing a Gonzati, while being broke

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So my character in a westmarches game my former pirate, now a naval commander for the rebellion is getting a bit skiddish. The idea of the establishment of the New Republic has got him wanting to ensure he has a future if he resigns to escape all the bureaucracy and authority of a formal government. Hes fine with the current structure of the rebel navy but a NR navy he will chafe under.


His solution to this potential problem is to take some off time and organize a off the books mission to steal a ship, preferably a Gonzati cruiser due to its low crew requirements. The problem, he does not want to use any rebel support, such as issued blasters, armors, and equipment to do it. He only has 4000 credits to his name due to pay and his blaster along with some other token belongings. Its unknown the amount of stuff his friends own to their own name. 

So how do yall suppose that we pull off such a feat. With not tipping the rebels that we took a ship and are holding it from them, as that may bring repercussions hopefully.

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11 minutes ago, Concise Locket said:

Tell your GM you want to steal a ship and the terms by which you want the ship stolen and let the GM set up the situation. 


My players stole a Gozanti that was transporting low-level, non-political criminals to rescue an NPC that had info they needed by creating a diversion at a backwater starport that drew away the Stormtrooper guards, allowing the players to board the ship and overpower the pilot, copilot and engineer. Was a fun diversion :)

Edit: Oh, and they ended up using the uniforms and Imperial tools they found onboard to sneak into an Imperial salvage yard where they stole a handful of other ships, but that's a whole other story.

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