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Help me construct a decks!

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Hey everyone!

Recently I've bought on sale:

- Game of Thrones Starter Set (x1)
- Wolves of the North (x1)
- Taking the Black (x1)
- The King's Peace (x1)
- No Middle Ground (x1)
- Calm over Westeros (x1)
- True Steel (x1)
- Across Seven Kingdoms (x1)
- Called to Arms (x1)

Could you please tell me if you could build  decks with that packs for each of the houses which are roughly equal in competitiveness?

Preferably mono factions i.e. no two houses in the same deck (neutral cards are ok!). 

I'm only interested in playing with family and friends so I'm not terrible concerned about mixing Westeros and War of Five Kings Cycle ;)


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