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Book of Elessar - Play Series

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Hi all!

I started a (not so) little hobby project that combines my effort to replay, and play, every quest with Aragorn as the focus, or included in every deck.

I'm playing solo, as much as it is possible vs some quests, and yes, Aragorn will be in every deck.

I thought of it like a tome that recounts the events of his life, long after he passed, possibly compiled by Arwen and Eldarion.

I've only just started, so content includes Hunt for Gollum, but I plan to post weekly.

In addition to the quests and game themselves, I'm writing short narratives that a) act as introductions or transitions to the quests, and b) literally adapt the actual events in my games into a coherent narrative.

For example, I take notes after rewatching the game and note what enemies, locations, or treacheries, etc, may have appeared and write around them. Think of it like interactive fanfic, I guess.

Finally, I'm posting my gameplay to YouTube. There are also deck construction and theme pieces for each quest.


Okay, that's a lot! But, here's the link! I hope some enjoy and read along. I'll post a reply with each update. If you hate it, well, keep it to yourself ;)



(The narrative pieces so far cover Intro to Hunt for Gollum, the Hunt for Gollum quest itself, and the transition from Hunt for Gollum to Conflict at the Carrock.)

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Hi all!

Thursday update: The Carrock at Nighthttps://bookofelessar.wordpress.com/the-book-of-elessar/narratives/the-carrock-at-night/

This narrative piece covers my actual gameplay for "Conflict at the Carrock."

I originally recorded the quest on Friday (the 13th) and over the weekend, noticed too many silly mistakes, and then, my export of the video only managed to do like 8 minutes of it. So, needless to say, it was defeated by Friday the 13th weirdness. I recorded it anew this week and wrote up the narrative.

Sorry for the wall of text, I wanted to go ahead and post it while at work, so I can't upload any images.

Gameplay should be on YouTube tomorrow!



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