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Ship Transport timings!!

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Hello friends,

My friend and I had an interesting disagreement about the interpretation of the ship transport rules in last night's game. Let's see if I can explain this without pictures ..

He had a footman and a ship in Dragonstone. He then attempted to resolve a move order in Dragonstone. First he moved his ship into Shipbreaker Bay, then he moved his footman through Shipbreaker Bay using ship transport, directly into Crackclaw point.

I argued that this wasn't possible because all units resolve their moves simultaneously, and at the moment when the move is declared, all units need to have valid destinations before they are attempted to move. In his case only the ship had a valid destination (Shipbreaker Bay), while his footman couldn't declare Crackclaw as a valid destination because there was no ship there yet to facilitate that move.https://sarkariresult.onl/ Mobdro https://pnrstatus.vip/

He argued that because you can split move the units, you can first place the ship into Shipbreaker Bay, then move the footman across it using ship transport.

I've yet to see a definite answer to this online. Can anyone shed some light?

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Are you playing the Original or Second Edition?


Rulebook, Page 11

Exception: A ship may never move into a Land area, and a Footman or Knight unit may never move into a Sea area.

You can't have a ship in Dragonstone.  Only land units are allowed on land.  The ship is in Shipbreaker Bay.



Rulebook, Page 25

Ports function as a special area between the land and sea area they connect.

Orders in Ports
Just as units in normal areas, Ship units in a Port area must receive an Order token during the Assign Orders step of the Planning Phase.

You can't have a ship in Dragonstone, only in the Port there (which is a separate area).  Units in each location (footman on land, ship in port) get their own order.  An order on Dragonstone cannot move the ship.  Units don't need a "valid destination" because you can't "split move" units like described.

First execute the March order for the ship in Port. Then everyone else has a turn.  Then execute a separate March order for the footman on Dragonstone, moving him to Crackclaw.

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